FIRMA Energywear Beauty & Hygiene Masks

FIRMA’s Beauty & Hygiene Mask brings the highest quality fabrics and technology to a lightweight & convenient beauty mask & hygiene shield.

FIRMA is made with an advanced polyamide yarn that features bioceramics woven directly into the yarn which are able to provide far-infrared benefits to the wearer by reflecting the FIR portion of their body heat back to the body.

FIRMA’s fabric is easy to wash and quick to dry, and boasts the Oekotex 100 rating, which means it will not react with skin and features no chemical finish or effect on the skin during wear.

Far-infrared benefits include increased skin microcirculation, increased collagen production & synthesis, and improved skin smoothness & elasticity.

FIRMA’s Face Mask is not only a top-notch beauty tool, but also can be used as a hygiene mask to improve public hygiene and protect those around you.

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